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Why Is A 3-Tier Quality Control Model Required for Transcription?

It’s a Matter of Trust

If you entrust your valuable corporate documents to a reputable audio transcription services provider, you would expect accurate, cost-effective and timely submission of your documents. If the quality of work being submitted to you is too lousy and you still have to ask one of your team members to check the quality of the file, then the time and operational savings you expected to save are immediately lost! Transcription quality control is an important factor and it is important to pay full attention to it. You may have been wronged by their compelling advertisement saying that the price they offer is right and they can deliver the files with immediate availability. They may have also made you believe that you would meet the deadline, but in reality, the poor work quality could eat up most of the time you expected to save.

Commitment to Accuracy

Transcription service providers would offer high accuracy outputs, which is very easy to promise but these promises are always easier said than done. If the service provider you seek lacks an established record, quality certifications, and clear quality control model, your only option to test for accuracy is to verify the work being delivered.

Open and Honest Communication

Before even reviewing document outputs, commitment to specific turnaround times could often raise some concerns. Freelance workers who are hungry for a job could work around the clock to meet your deadline, but in the end, there would be several problems with your files. The deadline you have given might not be attainable even before the project has begun. A professional transcription service provider will be upfront with the deadline you are trying to meet.

Choosing a professional transcription service with open and honest feedback will allow you to adjust your quality expectations rather than holding on to promises that file issues can be fixed immediately.

The 3-Tiered Model

A well-trained transcriptionist with relevant work experience could provide a great solid foundation in building a quality control model. If there are misunderstandings and miscommunications in the material, it can be addressed through requests for supporting reference materials (if needed) and an additional research for verification. Once done with the transcription, the work is checked the second time around with a specific set of criteria like formatting errors, phonetics, blanks, and typographical errors.

Overcoming the risk of familiarity blindness, where extended exposure to the document could make you blind to errors, there is a qualified quality analyst then needs to examine the file. With the addition of a third tier analyst, fresh perspective that is not yet immersed or exposed to the document for hours and hours could ensure that the document is triple-checked for any errors of the document. Efficient and accurate transcription work will be delivered at the highest quality that comes with a competitive price. Our services can give you the peace of mind that you need because you are assured, knowing that your business and corporate documents are in safe and secure hands.

 Having a 3 Tier Quality Control Model for transcription guarantees that the output will be high quality and error free. This is how iScribed works in order to guarantee that the outputs served to you are the best quality you can get from a transcription provider. Try our services and give us a call or visit our website to know more about are competitive prices and quality work.

How Do Transcription Services Help In Business Promotions?

Online marketing or Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is all about better online presence with a goal to be on top of the search results as well as conversions. Google weighs pages with video contents higher now and they call it blended results. Sites without video content will have a difficult time in competing with other websites in the first-page result in Google. This is the reason why businesses have increased publishing videos as presentations, podcasts, webinars, etc. However, most of these marketers are not yet aware of the benefits they can reap by getting their files transcribed by a professional transcriptionist and then publishing them along with their audio and video presentations.

Video media promotion transcripts can help promote your business. Read more below to know the benefits of transcription services online in business promotions.

  • Improve Off-Page SEO of the Website:

By posting a transcript or document along with your audio or video material, it gives you an opportunity to target additional keywords. Planning a separate keyword strategy for your written texts help improve off-page optimization and link building strategy for your website. This means you will rank better and you will be more visible to a wide range of keywords and related searches in Google’s search engines.Will Help You Reach Out To A Wider Audience:

Sometimes a speaker in a video or in an audio presentation speaks with an accent, which not everyone can comprehend. This could also apply to speakers using their native language to communicate. In cases like these, captioning or posting a very detailed transcript helps the audience understand the video and audio better. Captioning, webinar transcripts, business transcripts and transcribing product review scan be very helpful for people with impaired hearing too.

  • Improve User Engagement:

After watching a long video or listening to an audio file, the user might feel interested in a particular section or topic in it. Replaying the video again and again is tedious and it may also take time to buffer. A user might feel impatient and can leave your page immediately because of this. However, a written transcript allows the user to quickly look up a particular section in your video or audio material which improves user engagement.

  • Support Your Keyword Strategy:

A transcribed video is beneficial for your SEO team and your website. It helps them build a formidable keyword strategy that they can use to input added keywords in it. If they are targeting a particular keyword, they can easily scan through and catch relevant phrases and words spoken repeatedly using the transcription copy of the video.

Getting your business promotional videos transcribed by a good transcription service provider, can help you build stronger marketing strategies. You can reach out to a wider range of audience and you can engage with your targeted clients in a better manner. Let us help you with your business transcriptions. Access iScribed’s transcription services online by clicking here.,


Why Do You Need Academic Transcription Services? 

In the fast-paced educational environment, accuracy and speed are very important. How can you avoid any kind of delays and potential errors that might happen while doing self-transcription? The answer is educational transcription servicesIt enables the researchers, professors as well as students to focus more on the critical and crucial activities by transcribing different materials like research notes and dissertations for classroom readings and conferences.

Why do you need academic transcription services?

  • It will help you save time! Time is the most valuable thing every person has. Isn’t it better that you work on the research, instead of wasting your time in transcribing the materials all by yourself? All you need to do is record the audio as well as the video file, and the transcription services will provide you with the precisely accurate transcript in your given turnaround time— always considering your meticulous specifications
  • It will improve the retention of information. For some college students taking classes at university-level of time during every semester, there is a specific limit of information which can be absorbed & retained effectively. Students may also get some great advantages from recording audio of the important academic activities and then using the transcription services in transforming them into correct text; this will include class session and lectures, academic interviews, group sessions and dissertation notes.
  • You can always trust the expertise of transcription professionals. The experienced and highly professional team of education transcriptionists together with the quality analysts, are experts of the subject-matter in the specific field of study. These experts can simply handle discipline like medicine, life sciences, economics, physical sciences, business and engineering, arts as well as social sciences.
  • Get high quality transcription services at the most affordable rates! Regardless of the subject matter, quality of audio or even accents, you can get the guarantee of 99% level of accuracy for different transcripts.Transcription companies usually offer their services to different academic institutions such as schools, colleges and universities etc. There is an enhanced demand in these kind of services and the training courses are also up to date and meets the standards. Moreover, educational transcription services are available for various educational speeches, GD’s, dictations, lectures, seminars, sessions, events which needs to be documented in text format for various reasons. Educational transcription services will help students when they sit for final dissertation submission. If you are also looking for such expert and professional transcription services you may contact

Educational transcription services will help students when they sit for final dissertation submission. If you are also looking for such expert and professional transcription services you may contact iScribed which offers highly professional transcription services and will always meet your turn around time!

Why Business Meetings Need To Be Transcribed

Essential business transcription services

Business meetings are held at least once every month with the leaders of the company to ensure the smooth running of a business. There are times when you need to ensure that you are taking notes or that you have a record of the meeting’s audio or video for references. But have you ever tried transcribing your meetings? If not, then you should consider getting your business meeting transcribed! When you read below, we have mentioned the three reasons why you should consider availing business transcription services for your meetings.

  • It takes the hassle off your team, thereby giving you additional time to focus on various other business related matter. You might think that it’s simple for your receptionist, assistant or secretary to find some additional time for transcribing the meetings, but this is not true. One reason why you are very busy with setting up the business is because your assistant helps you organize all the things that you need. They are already busy taking care of you that giving them transcription work may affect your schedule too.Transcribing offers other formats for your future reviews. Not all people are fond of listening to audios or watching videos of lengthy meetings. In fact, some employees who have missed the meeting would prefer to read them rather than watch or listen to it.
  • It makes information easy to understand. Some employees want to review meeting as a typed format. When a meeting is properly documented through transcription, anyone can easily open the document and scan through it without taking too much time.

The trusted services of a business transcription firm will assist you in preserving the sensitive information of your company
. So, whether you are looking for your company’s meeting minutes or for high points of the discussion, you can trust iScribed to transcribe the audio file and video files of your meeting in a timely manner. You can also get the transcripts customized to different format that you prefer. You can trust the trained and professional expertise of iScribed to precisely record and transcribe the most important parts of your meetings.