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How can your firm benefit from outsourcing legal transcription to a reliable provider?

Transcription is a seminal part of the workflow of any law firm. But while your attorneys zip around from meetings to hearings, do they really have the time to cross check transcripts created in-house for accuracy?

Moreover, it requires significant investment of time and resources to set up a flawless transcription process in-house, not to mention the average turnaround time when only a couple of paralegals are handling transcripts for all the attorneys. Besides, don’t you want to leverage the real skills of your interns and paralegals and have them contribute productively to the case building process?

If you nodded along, it may be time for you to consider outsourcing your legal transcription requirements to a reliable transcription provider.

So, let’s look at how outsourcing legal transcription to a professional transcription company can benefit your law firm in the long term.

Create an organized ready reckoner and digital index

Accurate document creation and indexing is an important part of the workflow of any business. A professional transcription company understands how important daily documentation is to a thriving legal practice and is ready to provide transcribed files in different formats and with a reasonable turnaround time. This ensures that your in-house staff has improved access to critical, decision-making case files and field notes without your support team having to work overtime at a short notice.

Get specialists and professionals to work on your files

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ask an inexperienced intern to transcribe a critical interview, deposition, or case file. Plus, an experienced paralegal may be more valuable if they’re involved in the case building process – so what do you do?

Outsourcing your legal transcription works wonders in such situations. A professional transcription company hires experienced specialists who can apply their industry as well as technical, subject-matter knowledge to produce accurate legal transcripts in a shorter time. Lastly, a robust quality assurance process is the backbone of any reliable transcription provider, which rules out chances of errors in your transcripts that may jeopardize a case.

You’re looking at huge savings

Overhead costs are a huge factor that law firms need to consider to remain competitive, increase revenue, and concentrate on providing the best possible services to a client. These costs include everything from the rent for your office space to administrative salaries and go a long way time impact the profitability of your firm, especially when clients are also looking to cut back and economize in most situations.

In such cases, implementing a flawless and fully-functioning in-house transcription workflow will take a significant amount of investment both monetarily and in training time. You’ll need to test various software as well as get attorneys, paralegals, and interns acquainted with the process. Plus, training a new intern for this workflow is a recurring investment of time you can’t possibly avoid if you plan to set up an in-house transcription team.

Outsourced legal transcription is a great option for you in such a scenario. Once you establish a timeline, guideline, and process in collaboration with your transcription partner, this part of your business will run like a well-oiled machine, saving you significant time and money over time.

Increase the productivity of your attorneys

When your attorneys are not busy correcting flaws in the transcripts produced by junior paralegals and interns, they can be more attentive during client interviews and spend more time building a rock solid case.

Besides, dictating or sending a recording for transcription is much easier than reflecting on the numerous meetings, poring over (sometimes illegible) notes taken in a hurry, and typing everything out. Instead, they can upload a recording and send them over to your transcription partner, rush over to another witness interview, and receive the transcribed files once they get back.

A professional transcription company ensures secure storage and transfer of your files while allowing the flexibility of access from anywhere so that your attorneys have no trouble accessing files on the go or if working from home. Essentially, streamlining your transcription process through outsourced transcription can help your attorneys concentrate on the more crucial aspects of a case and bill for the core services your law firm strives to provide.

More time and space to grow your business

When your attorneys are fully immersed in the core functions of your law firm and not distracted by small ancillary tasks that add up and eat away at their precious billable hours, you can concentrate on growing your business. This means you can eventually take up more clients and chalk up the profit margin of your business.

Final Thoughts

Now, your expectations for a streamlined transcription process may fall through if you don’t partner up with the right company. So, choose a transcription provider for outsourcing your legal transcription, try to get as much clarity as you can on the pricing, workflow, turnaround time, and security measures.

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