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Why Do You Need Academic Transcription Services? 

In the fast-paced educational environment, accuracy and speed are very important. How can you avoid any kind of delays and potential errors that might happen while doing self-transcription? The answer is educational transcription servicesIt enables the researchers, professors as well as students to focus more on the critical and crucial activities by transcribing different materials like research notes and dissertations for classroom readings and conferences.

Why do you need academic transcription services?

  • It will help you save time! Time is the most valuable thing every person has. Isn’t it better that you work on the research, instead of wasting your time in transcribing the materials all by yourself? All you need to do is record the audio as well as the video file, and the transcription services will provide you with the precisely accurate transcript in your given turnaround time— always considering your meticulous specifications
  • It will improve the retention of information. For some college students taking classes at university-level of time during every semester, there is a specific limit of information which can be absorbed & retained effectively. Students may also get some great advantages from recording audio of the important academic activities and then using the transcription services in transforming them into correct text; this will include class session and lectures, academic interviews, group sessions and dissertation notes.
  • You can always trust the expertise of transcription professionals. The experienced and highly professional team of education transcriptionists together with the quality analysts, are experts of the subject-matter in the specific field of study. These experts can simply handle discipline like medicine, life sciences, economics, physical sciences, business and engineering, arts as well as social sciences.
  • Get high quality transcription services at the most affordable rates! Regardless of the subject matter, quality of audio or even accents, you can get the guarantee of 99% level of accuracy for different transcripts.Transcription companies usually offer their services to different academic institutions such as schools, colleges and universities etc. There is an enhanced demand in these kind of services and the training courses are also up to date and meets the standards. Moreover, educational transcription services are available for various educational speeches, GD’s, dictations, lectures, seminars, sessions, events which needs to be documented in text format for various reasons. Educational transcription services will help students when they sit for final dissertation submission. If you are also looking for such expert and professional transcription services you may contact

Educational transcription services will help students when they sit for final dissertation submission. If you are also looking for such expert and professional transcription services you may contact iScribed which offers highly professional transcription services and will always meet your turn around time!

Why Business Meetings Need To Be Transcribed

Essential business transcription services

Business meetings are held at least once every month with the leaders of the company to ensure the smooth running of a business. There are times when you need to ensure that you are taking notes or that you have a record of the meeting’s audio or video for references. But have you ever tried transcribing your meetings? If not, then you should consider getting your business meeting transcribed! When you read below, we have mentioned the three reasons why you should consider availing business transcription services for your meetings.

  • It takes the hassle off your team, thereby giving you additional time to focus on various other business related matter. You might think that it’s simple for your receptionist, assistant or secretary to find some additional time for transcribing the meetings, but this is not true. One reason why you are very busy with setting up the business is because your assistant helps you organize all the things that you need. They are already busy taking care of you that giving them transcription work may affect your schedule too.Transcribing offers other formats for your future reviews. Not all people are fond of listening to audios or watching videos of lengthy meetings. In fact, some employees who have missed the meeting would prefer to read them rather than watch or listen to it.
  • It makes information easy to understand. Some employees want to review meeting as a typed format. When a meeting is properly documented through transcription, anyone can easily open the document and scan through it without taking too much time.

The trusted services of a business transcription firm will assist you in preserving the sensitive information of your company
. So, whether you are looking for your company’s meeting minutes or for high points of the discussion, you can trust iScribed to transcribe the audio file and video files of your meeting in a timely manner. You can also get the transcripts customized to different format that you prefer. You can trust the trained and professional expertise of iScribed to precisely record and transcribe the most important parts of your meetings.

Why Transcription Is Beneficial for Academic Research

Whether you’re in school or college academic research is an essential part of your daily work. Research requires a lot of time and effort and taking shortcuts can be detrimental. Easy accessibility of a multitude of research material online has made it very easy for students to find what they need but there will be instances where one has to utilize the old-fashioned methods of research. Having a quality output from the combined usage of technology and the traditional research methods will ensure a high-quality output.

Academic exploration such as research requires a methodical approach that might give rise to the need for transcriptions. If you research different information sources haphazardly, you may miss out on important facts and information. This will not just delay your research, but can also compromise the results of your study. Arriving at the right hypothesis will allow you to reach the correct output.

Two kinds of research you can opt for are secondary and primary.

Secondary Study – Secondary research is comprised of referencing prevailing texts, which could be published media, statistics and other relevant materials.

Primary Research – This type of research requires you to do observational work, oversee interviews and collect data with the help of surveys.


Interviews are the best way to collect research data for qualitative exploration. If you’re able to formulate the right research questions that will be very relevant to your study and ask the perfect subjects, the data gathering process will achieve half of its success. Having the right data from the right research subjects will assist you enormously in gaining useful insights for your exploration subject. Many would counter that interviews are time consuming and that its contribution to academic exploration is not that outstanding.

Numerous interviews will demand hours for transcription services. Most academic professionals might not be able to spare time for transcribing the interview results and might result in poor data interpretation. In order to preserve the meaningful output that you can extract from the interviews, getting services from a specialized transcriber will be beneficial.

A proficient transcriber has the ability to do a verbatim transcription of the interview or edit the redundant phrases or words and the long pauses from the audio recording of the interview. The transcription of your recordings will be dependent upon how you want the data to be presented. This will surely make things easier for you and will enable you to examine the information that was gained over the course of the interview in a more organized manner. If you want your audio recordings and interview to be transcribed by skilled professionals, getting service from iScribed is the best choice you’ll make. Contact them today!



How to Win Your Case with Legal Transcription?

In the recent years and with today’s technology, lawyers and a lot of law firms would often choose to hire audio transcription companies or services for fast and secure transcription of their documents. Lawyers choose the best transcription companies in order to save time and to avoid the hassle of having poorly transcribed files. Below are some of the ways legal transcription services can bolster your case.

It Adds Character to Your Profession                                                                                                                                                             

A crucial part of a lawyer’s profession is having good documentation practices. Without this, a lawyer cannot use documents as evidence. In legal cases, i.e. litigations, efficient verbatim transcriptions and excellent record keeping would help a lawyer tremendously. The scrutiny of court records and testimonies takes too much time and getting help from legal transcriptionist will give you time to focus on the more important aspect of the case. High-quality transcriptions from your litigations often become case references in the future and in turn will educate other legal practitioners. Judgements, court proceedings, witness interviews, court hearings, sworn statements, police transcripts and other legal documents can be reviewed by a lawyer easily if he works together with a professional audio transcriptionist. Imagine the number of hours that you can save from these documents if you have high quality transcripts. With these pieces of information available at your disposal, winning cases can surely be fairly easy.

Legal Transcription for Support

Lawyers and law firms can concentrate on their cases, while transcriptionists transcribe their documents, thus automating the workflow. Now, with the help of transcriptionists, lawyers and their firms have more time to focus on their cases and think of ways and strategies on how to win it.

Must Take It Further

In a legal environment, lawyers would often prepare legal documents, emails and legal synopsis which could be done by a transcriptionist or transcriber. Outsourcing all these tasks improves a lawyer’s productivity and efficiency in general. But in order to have a reliable transcription provider you need to choose wisely as it could either make your life easier or worse. iScribed has excellent customer reviews and thousands of happy customers thus making it one of the best choices when it comes to legal transcription.

If you’re a lawyer and you need legal transcription services, hire iScribed and visit our website now!