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What is Audio to Text Transcription?

Technology is changing the world, but there are proven methods of doing a task successfully that cannot be changed. One of the best examples is audio to text transcription done by a professional and expert transcriptionist. Although, there is software created to convert audio to text, many still hire a transcriber to do the transcription because people are more confident that a person with expertise can do it better than just using software. This is true when it comes to audio transcription. Audio recordings are very important in archiving information and documents to organizations and individuals.

A digital recording is also vulnerable to distractions and damages due to unforeseen factors. This is why a backup is very important and an audio transcription provider can help. The popularity of this service in today’s time makes it hard for someone like you to find a genuine one. Once you started searching the internet, then you will surely find overwhelming numbers of options, but not all of them can be trusted. There are parameters to consider when it comes to selecting for the best audio to text transcription man with laptop and headphones

Hunting for a reliable transcription service provider

You need to do a true online search. Using your practicality and knowledge, you need to hunt for a good transcription provider by thoroughly scrutinizing their profile and history. It is good if a website provides customer testimonial or feedback. If they can provide a contact number of their client, then it is better so you can contact them and ask about the reliability, credibility and professionalism of the company. The best company who has been in the business for at least a year can accept all sorts of audio formats. It means that they are using state-of-the-art technology to convert different audio format into text. Some of these formats are mpeg-4 SLS, mp3, wav, wma, mid and many more. Aside from that, they can accept audio files regardless of its condition whether clear to poor quality audio recordings.

You need to become aware that an audio transcription company can categorized your audio recording as difficult audio quality. You can say that your audio recording is difficult if it has noisy background, overlapping of voices, muffled audio recording and has lots of technical or difficult to understand jargons (medicine, legal and technical). These kinds of files are known to be difficult to transcribe, so some transcription companies might require you to pay for additional amount for difficult audio. However, a professional and reliable transcription provider can enhance the quality of the audio for easy transcription.

Qualities of a good audio to text transcription service provider

It is best if you can opt for a company that can offer quick turnaround time or TAT. This is a vital aspect for this service especially if you need the text format as quickly as possible for your company. Some of the reliable providers offer 24 hours TAT. However, there are great companies that offer 12 hours TAT. Although you are looking for quick turnaround, the quality of the audio to text transcription must not be compromised. You need an output that is fee from grammar error, spelling mistakes and inappropriate punctuation marks.

The most important part of searching for the best audio transcription service is to look for cost effective service. You will surely find companies that can offer very cheap services. You need to be extra cautious while dealing with these providers because they might compromise the quality of the service just to give very cheap rate.

They can give you a product that is filled with errors and inefficient service. You might just end up spending more because you need to hire another transcription company to get the quality that you need. Furthermore the confidentiality as well as the security of your audio files might be put at risk, because some will split your files into pieces and outsource it to other small time transcription companies. What you need is a company that can provide a reasonable rate. You will find out the right one by comparing each reputable provider online.

Different styles of audio to text transcription

Finding the perfect audio to text transcription provider is very hard to do, so you need a guide to help you find out which one is the best option. There are different styles of transcription for audio to text files. The first one is strict verbatim style. In this style, the transcriber needs to write every bit of words that she or he heard on the audio recording like repetitions, background noise, pauses, interruptions and every sound that one will hear on the recording. This style is commonly done inside a courtroom when a testimony is given. Distracting speech patterns are also written like yeah, ah, you know, like, right and more included.

There is smooth verbatim that make use of client’s instructions. They need to omit irrelevant utterances or gestures like ah and uff. Sometimes slang are included to show the character of the speaker. This style is usually use for teleconferences, webinars, group presentations, seminars, interviews, conferences, business meetings, etc. This style is also used for question and answer session, reports and more. Legal and medical transcription makes use of this style.

You can also find copy ready style which is for advertising purposes. This kind of style requires expertise as well as professionalism in audio to text transcription. This is why this style is a little expensive compared to other style. There is rough drop style that requires quick listening to the audio recording and writing a rough draft, and finding out what important words are missed out.

This is not considered as the most perfect style, but the transcriber needs to listen to the recording again to do some corrections. After knowing all the styles, then it is important that you select for the perfect audio to text style that suits your needs and requirements.  It is imperative to know the different styles to discuss it with the transcription company and to find out if they are aware of it. If the provider does not know anything about these styles, then it means that they are not a professional, experienced and expert transcription company.

How Online Transcription Service Can Help

We Understand Your NeedsAre you a professional with a very busy schedule? If your answer to this question is yes, then you can lighten up your load by getting an online transcription service. It can simplify your transcription work and you can focus on your profession. It is a kind of outsourcing service that you can get online. There are lots of offshore transcription companies that you can hire online, but you need to find out which one can offer the best service. What you need is a service that can provide quick turnaround without any error.

An online transcription service can be very efficient as well as convenient for a professional like you. It is technology that can simplify the entire process of transcription. A reputable and established provider can offer diverse options of converting files. For example, you can directly dictate using a toll-free number using a central server that both the client and the transcription service can access. This can make everything less time consuming and complicated. It is possible to dictate a discussion inside a meeting or conference using a digital recorder and upload it on their server. The transcriptionist will access your audio and will listen to it attentively to transcribe the audio into its required format. You will get the transcribed file that will be uploaded to the server for you to access. This is the safest way to do a file transfer since professional and reliable provider using encryption technology.

It is true that outsourcing transcription service can save time and money. Once you opt for online transcription service, then you do not have to hire an additional staff. This is very useful for many industries like academic institutions, media, insurance companies, police departments, healthcare facilities, legal professionals, publishing and many more. For example, if you are a lawyer or a legal professional, then you will surely benefit from a timely and professional online transcription service that is specialized in the legal field. What you need to do is to outsource a legal transcription to make sure that you can save money.

Through online outsourcing, then you can stay way from employing additional staff for transcription service and you do not have to pay for employee benefits like salaries, payroll taxes, compensation, additional office space and a lot more. There is no need to spend for management as well as administrative cost. Also, you need to invest in high quality software which is not cheap, so it is important if you will look for a reputable online transcription service. The best thing about online service is the fact that they are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. It is imperative that you hire a reputable and trustworthy provider for this service. The best advantage that you can get out of it is error free documentation of your audio files. A good company has a team of expert transcriptionists with broad knowledge in a particular field. This is a kind of service that you will surely appreciate.

Video Transcription for Legal Professionals

court house interiorAudio transcript is not new because this kind of practice has been around for many years. However, the latest technology is transcription video. It is the advancement in technology that has helped improved transcription. Today, there are increasing numbers of transcription companies offering such service. They are competing with one another to get the attention of clients and to provide accurate as well as timely transcript. It is audio transcript that can offer more benefits to legal professionals especially law firms. It can help them  save time and money while they work on different documentation tasks. This technology is also for other professionals like reporters.

Many professionals are thinking of outsourcing documentation tasks to reputable transcription providers. Actually, there are many benefits that you can get from outsourcing transcription. It does not matter if you want transcription video or audio because these outsourcing companies can offer lots of benefits to legal professionals.

Benefits in outsourcing your video transcription needs

Uses digital application

A reputable and experience firm in this field only uses updated technology and the newest software that can convert audio/video files into text. This is important to make sure that they can handle different audio formats like AU, mp3, WAV and many more. Accuracy of transcript is very important especially for legal professionals. They need high level of accuracy from a transition firm. It is important that you only hire a company with trained staffs in legal terminologies and jargons. One should also hire staff with excellent listening skill in order to grab important information and accents. A good company will do strict quality checks to make sure that the accuracy level is 99%.

Save resources like money

With some help from a reliable provider, one can save a lot of money. You do not have to hire additional staff to do an in-house job. Aside from money, one can also save space as well as infrastructural expenses especially if you are just working on a small office space. This is beneficial especially for newly established law firms.  There is no need to conduct training programs and this can save you money and time as well.

Offers secure handling of your legal data

There is no need for you to worry regarding the security and safety of information when transcription video was used. A professional and reputable transcription company can ensure 100% confidentiality of your legal files and documents. It is important to ensure that they are using passwords as well as encryption to ensure security.

To be able to reap all of these benefits, then one should only work with a reliable service provider. There are lots of transcription companies that you can find once you start searching online. It is your responsibility to find out which is the best option. The best thing to do is to read reviews from different websites to find out the truth about a particular transcription company. An unbiased website will tell you good and bad things about the company. It can help you make an informed decision to avoid future problems.

Difference Between Traditional and Online Transcription Services

Old cassette tapes and cassette player on wooden surfaceWhen it comes to online transcription, they are available in different forms. They differ in price, turnaround time, customer service and quality. There is a traditional and transcription services online. You need to choose which option is best for your needs. In the past, transcription services are not given importance, but in today’s modern world transcription is becoming a vital part of every business and organization. Today, companies are using modern audio and video recording for their meetings and conferences. With the help from a transcription service, then it is easy to put important information into a detailed text.

Traditional transcription services

There is a traditional transcription service that you can hire. This service provider is located in a fixed location, so it means that the client must be within the area in order to access the service. One needs to spend time and money going to their offices to acquire their service. You can talk to them on the phone, but you still need to meet them personally. It can limit the accessibility of clients because you need to mail your audio file using physical format. The process of mailing will delay the completion of the service into a text file. There are security issues that one might experience because the file will go through the hands of different people.

Online transcription services

If you want accessibility, then you can consider transcription services online. This option can offer benefits for both transcribers and clients. The geographical location of both parties is not an issue because close proximity is not a requirement. You can send audio file through email address or you can upload it directly on their website. However, some companies will require you to create an account on them. Online technology can break the barrier made by different time zone.

This makes it possible for the company to provide a 24/7 customer service assistance and they can offer affordable rate because of their cheaper operational cost. They do not need to rent for a huge office space because they can work online. It can offer fast file transfer that can eliminate secure and safer way to transfer confidential files. With online transcription service, you can expect fast turnaround.

More benefits from opting for online transcription

It is important to know what you can take away from this online service. Online service can offer flexibility, affordability and fast service without sacrificing the quality of transcription service. It is true that there will always be a dud provider online that can victimized a customer like you that is why you need to be very observant and wise. This is the reason why you need to do a thorough research and to compare quotes from several service providers.

If you really want affordable, fast and high quality transcription services online, then forget about the traditional way and opt for modern transcription service. You will never go wrong if you will do your part as a wise and practical customer. It is possible to get it within the period of 24 hours from a reliable transcription service.