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6 characteristics that make a professional transcription provider stand out

audio transcriptionTranscription is one of the fastest growing businesses in the speech recognition industry. Naturally, everyone’s trying to jump on board with claims of being the best transcription partner you could possibly have.

Now, most professional transcription providers only focus on three things: accuracy, price, and turnaround time. But is that all you need from an efficient LSP?

So let’s find out which characteristics make a professional transcription provider stand out (in fact this could make hiring a transcription partner way easier for you).

Diverse areas of expertise

Most major industries are opening up to integrating transcription into their workflow. While general transcription requirements (such as transcribing a business meeting) can be fulfilled by a transcriber who doesn’t specialize in a niche, an efficient transcription provider must employ subject matter experts to fulfill the niche requirements of technical industries like legal and medical.

Essentially, a professional transcription company makes sure that they’re equipped to deliver what they’re promising to their clients.

Ready to answer all your questions

A professional transcription provider understands that as a new customer you may have a lot of questions before you hire a transcription partner. For example, you may need to know what their typical turnaround time is or pricing model looks like. Or you may even have a workflow-related question.

Unsure which questions you need to ask before hiring a transcription partner? Check out this post!

They prioritize confidentiality

As a business entity, you may be working with vendors all the time. However, when you’re reaching out to a transcription company, you’re sharing your most confidential and often proprietary information to be transcribed. So, you deserve to partner up with someone who values the ethics of the industry as well as cares about the security of your documents.

At iScribed, we ensure complete confidentiality of client information by encrypting all client interactions on our website using an SSL certificate. This means that any information that you share with us, both personal and project-related, stays right where it should. Moreover, all our employees sign an NDA and are trained in security protocols so that your information remains confidential.

Employs expert native transcribers

You know what’s the most challenging part of producing accurate transcriptions? Technical jargon and being able to accurately understand the accents and inflections in a voice or video clip.

We guess you would agree that an inaccurate transcript could turn out to be a liability rather than an asset. For example, if you produce an inaccurate transcript of a recording in court, it could affect the entire outcome of the hearing. In fact, this could lead to irreversible damage such as an innocent individual being convicted or a guilty person walking away without consequences.

So, it’s important that a professional transcription company employ native transcribers in the languages they specialize in.

Flexible about file formats

Technology is evolving at a dizzying pace and this means that the number of devices with recording abilities is also increasing. Currently, the number of audio formats are quite high, ranging from digital to dictation formats, including uncompressed lossless audio formats, proprietary file formats, open file formats.

This also implies that those in the transcription industry must be flexible enough to upgrade their services and systems regularly to cater to their client’s evolving needs.

They have a great quality assurance system

Most efficient transcription companies believe quality control goes beyond a quick proofread before a deliverable is shared with a client. To maintain consistent quality, a professional transcription company ensures that an effective quality assurance system is implemented so that a transcript is rechecked at least once against the source clip before being sent across.

At iScribed, we aim for >99% accuracy and have a robust quality assurance system that not only irons out any inaccuracies in the transcript but also gets to the root cause of any quality-related client dissatisfaction to prevent recurrence.

Final thoughts

While competitive pricing, accuracy, and speed are import factors in the industry, they shouldn’t be the only things you look at when hiring a transcription partner. A professional transcription company takes their growth and client satisfaction seriously, and you’ll definitely see this reflected in how open they are about their workflow and of course in testimonials from previous clients.