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How iScribed helps lawyers close cases faster with legal transcription

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It’s a no-brainer that we talk faster than we type or write, but did you know how fast?

On average, we speak about 140 words per minute, which comes to a mind boggling total of 10,000 words per hour. This is why law enforcement personnel as well as lawyers choose to record conversations with witnesses or clients instead of bothering to take notes.

But as a busy lawyer, if you had to keep going back and forth between a recording or your notes to create a strong bottom line for your case, you’d be letting your client down in more ways than one. This is where professional legal transcription comes in.

The problem

At iScribed, we understand that time and cost involved in documenting client briefs, interviews, and meetings can be overwhelming. Also, why would you ask a qualified legal secretary to type out a document when their stronger skill sets can be leveraged?

Imagine cutting hours out of repetitive workflows like reviewing an in-house transcription for accuracy or grammar and actually spending that precious time on building an ironclad argument. That’s how iScribed helps legal professionals like you every day – by providing high-quality legal transcription services to reduce your staffing costs and making your case building process leaner.

High quality transcriptions for dynamic legal professionals

Build stronger client relationships

Andrew C. is a trial lawyer whose clients are typically victims of violent crime. To be as thorough as possible, Andrew prefers to record his interviews rather than take notes, and this enables him to be a patient and sentient listener. (Now we all know how focusing on one thing at a time automatically helps us notice a lot of details that we would miss.)

Moreover, Andrew understands that focusing on the conversation during interviews helps to build trust in his clients who, as victims of violent crime, respond better to empathetic listeners.

Quick turnaround time

Andrew also travels a lot, and before boarding a flight, he uploads the recordings on our website, which we proceed to transcribe into Microsoft Word documents.

Transcribing non-technical documents is fairly easy, but working on legal transcripts can be more complicated. On average, it takes about 8 times the duration of a recording to produce a high-quality and accurate output (so a one-hour recording takes about 6-8 hours to be transcribed). Moreover, those not specifically trained to transcribe technical interviews or have the right tools take much longer.

But our transcription experts can do it faster, typing away at their usual 80 to 100 words per minute but also paying attention to nuances, context, and industry specific jargon.

So by the time he reaches his destination, Andrew has a legal transcript ready that’s accurate and error free. More importantly, since the documents are delivered in digital formats through a custom-access link, Andrew is assured that his project data is secure with us.

Helpful ready reckoners

Since we transcribe interviews into Microsoft Word documents, Andrew can print out, make notes on, or highlight key areas. He has also opted for our “timestamp” add-on for several projects, which has helped him find specific content in the transcript in court or while preparing other supporting materials for his case.

Your transcripts your way

Over the years we have helped many clients like Andrew find a quick and sustainable transcription cycle as well as streamline the entire process without making long-term investments. Are you looking for a trusted legal transcription partner? Reach out to us!