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Here’s why your healthcare establishment needs accurate medical transcripts from a reliable provider

medical transcriptionDo you think accurate medical transcripts for your healthcare establishment is a passive investment?

Think again. Medical transcription is one of the fastest growing technical requirements in the healthcare domain with a steady CAGR of 5.6% between 2012 and 2019.

I think we all agree that health care is one industry that banks on reliable data for all business as usual activities. This makes medical transcriptionists highly sought after professionals as they’re central in providing this accurate data to patients and healthcare professionals.

Let’s break down why high-quality medical transcripts from a reliable provider should not be an afterthought in your healthcare establishment.

Accurate medical transcripts for HIPAA compliance

HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was seminal in popularizing medical transcription as we know it today. HIPAA is a federal statute that made substantial changes to health care laws and was primarily enacted to help workers continue their health insurance benefits when they change jobs. Moreover, this Act has also become an overarching authority on letting patients have greater control over their medical records and the privacy of these documents.

Now, how does HIPAA impact healthcare establishments like yours?

HIPAA standardized the protocols of record keeping, which can be beneficial to you as a medical care provider in ensuring proper treatment of patients as well as serve as comprehensive records to back up insurance claims.

Improved access to reliable medical records

Verified technical documents are always more reliable than verbal communication where there are high chances of incorrect information being passed on. Doctors and primary healthcare professionals always need access to accurate medical records of a patient to swiftly asses a patient’s current condition and customize the treatment according to their medical history. This is especially important because certain drugs cannot be administered to patients with specific allergies or other pre-existing medical conditions, and failure to mention these at the time of diagnosis can render treatment ineffective.

With high-quality medical transcripts, physicians and nurses can quickly access vetted and verified medical records of a patient and proceed with treatment without undue deliberation and speculation.

More collaborative and accurate treatment of patients

It would be an ideal scenario if a patient is diagnosed with a singular medical condition that can be diagnosed and treated by one medical professional. However, our complex anatomy defies such utopian binaries and in most critical cases, a team of medical professionals needs to brainstorm for the best possible treatment route.

An accurate medical transcript is a comprehensive account of everything a team of physicians observes and diagnose. Doctors can record day to observations and send it over for transcription. These transcripts can then be accessed by authorized specialists to diagnose other medical conditions a patient may suffer from.

An error-free transcript is seminal in such cases as any misinterpretation can be fatal for the patient, and a reliable transcription provider can meet these requirements consistently with a reasonable turnaround time.

Reliable records for insurance claims

Accurate medical transcripts are no doubt valuable records for any healthcare establishment. As we discussed, high-quality medical transcripts help doctors expedite care and treatment for a patient. But did you know that medical transcripts serve as reliable records for insurance claims as well?

Essentially, these records are mandatory when you need to claim the expenses for the medical care provided to a patient. Accurate transcripts also ensure consistency in data and can act as an important buffer in case a malpractice suit is filed against your healthcare organization or a particular physician employed by you.

Why you need a reliable transcription provider for your medical transcripts

Medical transcripts for healthcare establishments need to tick a number of boxes to be considered reliable records for use and compliance. Here’s how a reliable transcription provider can be an asset to you.


Accuracy is the most important factor that characterizes high-quality medical transcripts. A professional transcription company employs only experienced subject matter experts with the right technical skills to ensure that the accuracy level of medical transcripts is not compromised. Most reliable transcription providers also integrate a robust quality check step in the transcription process to root out chances of any errors.


HIPAA compliance standards call for secure maintenance of patients’ health records and any breach of information can lead to legal action or monetary penalty. A professional transcription provider upholds the ethics of the industry and can ensure end-to-end security throughout the process.

Rule out additional investment

Many healthcare organizations opt for an in-house transcription team to take care of day to day documentation of patients’ records. However, this requires a significant amount of investment in terms of buying professional equipment and hiring trained staff for the seamless integration of transcription into the workflow of your organization. Moreover, your in-house staff may often face the challenge of keeping up with the volume of audio clips to be transcribed within a short time, which can inevitably compromise the quality of the transcripts.

In such cases, outsourcing your medical transcription to a professional transcription company can streamline your workflow and save you both time and money in the long term.


Get accurate medical transcripts with the iScribed guarantee

At iScribed, we understand how accuracy and improved access to high-quality medical transcripts can help your healthcare establishment thrive. We provide HIPAA compliant medical transcripts to facilitate reliable record keeping and ensure complete security at every step of the transcription process.

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