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Professional Transcription Services for Media Part 2

Filming an event with a video camera

Media transcription is a significant niche in the transcription industry. The demand is growing as more and more media professionals realize the benefits of transcribing interviews and research recordings into text document.

Media transcription services have helped a lot of companies save money because they do not have to hire in-house transcribers. They’re able to cut on recruitment expenditures, salary, incentives and other company benefits. This is very useful especially in market research. The overall workload of the firm is minimized with the help from professional transcription companies that can offer data collection and management. It helps the firm save on money that can be used for other important functions. It can minimize capital investment.

With help from transcription service, then employees and staffs of companies will have better performance. Many of the companies asked help from transcription services as they only have enough workforce and adding transcription work to their employee and staffs is a burden. The employees can focus on their own job within the department where they belong if transcription job will be outsourced. For example, the production department can focus more on producing high quality products.

Every company has its own IT department and getting the service of a professional transcription services reduce the workload of this department. It can ease their burden and they will be more productive in their line of work while expert firms handle their transcription needs. It can definitely reduce the expenditure of the company. Experienced and expert transcription firms charged reasonable rates for this job. They can ensure you of error free and accurate transcribed files according to the needs and requirements of your company. Recruiting staffs to do transcription can cost the company more money compared to outsourcing. This is why they choose to outsource transcription service to cut the expenditure.

When it comes to media there are specific key benefits that professional transcription services can offer. You can be very confident because a professional firm adheres to very strict rules to ensure security as well as confidentiality of media files from their clients. They make use of 256 bit encryption protocol for transferring of files to ensure 100% security. There is time stamping and captioning as an important part of media transcription service offered by expert firm. They are providing time codes for video and audio files according to their client’s need. You can also ensure captions and subtitles for different files for organization.

One can ensure almost 100% accuracy of transcribed information because of their multilevel quality checks. There are experienced and expert transcriptionists and quality analysts to preform quality checks to make sure that the txt file is error free. These firms are already established, so they are already aware about competitive pricing. Media professionals are encouraged to hire transcription services because they know that they can get affordable yet high quality service.  Almost all companies that are into transcription services can offer 30 to 40% savings.

Hiring a professional, experienced and expert team is necessary whether you are in media or not because the information on the audio or video must match the written text to be able to provide accurate information. This is very essential in media as they are updated news and information about events. Price is an important consideration, but hiring one with very cheap pricing may not give you the result that you want. In the end, you will hire another transcription service for quality output. Aside from professionals, students and other sectors are also getting the service of a transcription company. With huge demand in transcription service, there are many scam websites around the internet, so you need to be very careful not to hire one. You can protect yourself by reading several review websites.