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Transcription Online: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hire a Transcribing Service

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There’s nothing more tedious than re-listening to a meeting over and over while you inefficiently type out every single word uttered by each of the speakers. If you’re an office underling, this may very well be your life. What would you say if I told you that you can transcribe files quickly, without actually doing it? You’d think it was a miracle, right? Well, it’s not quite a miracle, but it’s close.

Thanks to the Internet, you can actually hire someone to listen to your digital audio files and transcribe them, then send them back over to you. It’s that easy. Transcription will be an increasingly needed service for all types of businesses and organizations in 2015. Fortunately, iScribed has a team of hardworking people in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom offering their time and expertise at affordable rates.

How Do Transcribers Do It?

An online typist scrambles to transcribe audio into text.

If you think transcription online is easy, or if you’re just wondering how to transcribe, try the following exercise. We won’t get into all the tools of the trade for now; however, you’ll need the following equipment at a minimum.

  • An audio recording from the event.
  • 1 set of headphones (a good set – not ear buds – see below).
  • A computer.
  • Word or another word processor of your choice.
  • Time.

Again, this is a short list of transcription online tools. There are many other pieces of high-tech hardware and software that can help professionals tackle recordings with great accuracy and efficiency. Reputable online transcriptionists may use many tools available to them besides their own expertise. These can help them convert audio to text with remarkable efficiency.

Let’s Get Started

Gather an audio file, a computer and a comfortable pair of low-distortion headphones with solid midrange frequency performance. Put the headphones on. Now turn your phone off, settle in for the evening, and press play on the audio file. Your computer will start playing the audio immediately.

Next, open a word processing document and proceed to write down everything that is being said while it is being said. Don’t forget to indicate speakers. For legal transcription online and all other fields where accuracy is critical, you’ll also need to make sure you translate verbatim. This means indicating pauses, inaudible areas, and more.

Review Your Work

How long did it take to transcribe the entire recording and check it twice for accuracy? I’ll be honest, that’s a long and tedious process for both newcomers and unqualified transcribers. If it was your first time converting audio to text by hand, you may have noticed that it can take a really long time.

It also requires a lot of attention to transcribe audio to text accurately, which is kind of the whole point of a transcript to begin with. Did I mention time yet? You suddenly have a newfound appreciation for that transcription online ad you saw earlier, don’t you?

Hire a Professional Transcription Online Service

Now that we’ve learned how to convert audio to text at home the tedious and inefficient way, it’s time to call in a professional. iScribed’s professional transcription online can quickly and painlessly convert your audio files into beautiful accurate text documents waiting to be read. iScribed also offers extremely quick turnaround times because they know deadlines in the business world are tight and that speed matters.

One of the best parts of getting audio transcription online is how simple the process is. Just upload an audio file you need converted and they’ll send you back the finished product. You never have to meet anyone in person and you never have to take time out of your busy day to drop off or pick up your files. You’ll feel like you’re doing twice the work each day when you let iScribed take care of the otherwise tedious transcription process.

iScribed’s transcription online services are fast and convenient. Before you invest a lot of time trying to tackle your own transcription, give the professionals a call. You’ll be surprised how easy and affordable it is to have your audio files converted to text.

The Top Legal Transcription Service for Attorneys and Paralegals

Legal transcription company iScribed offers affordable pricing and free demos.

Attorneys, paralegals and other workers in the legal field clearly stand to benefit from quality legal transcription services.

However, just as it is with any other type of service, you always want to pay as little as possible for the best service on the market.

The cost for transcription services can vary considerably from one provider to another. A primary reason might be that digital audio and video technology is becoming more common – hence competition among legal transcriptionists is getting more fierce. Some transcribers charge by the hour and others by the minute. Some claim to have low prices when they’re actually on the higher end charging far upwards of $1 USD per minute, and still others advertise lower prices and blindside your firm with hidden fees, poor communication, and shoddy work.

Courtroom Circus

With so many choices for quality transcribing available, how do you find the best of the best? How can you find the top transcription online services available when everyone claims to offer stellar work at rock bottom prices? The answer isn’t always easy to come by, but if you’re willing to put in some time and do a little detective work, you can easily put together a list of the top legal transcription services for your needs.


Lets cut to the chase, cost is probably a factor. If it weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be looking online for information about transcription services because you’d probably be ordering an assistant to do it for you. If you are someone’s assistant being ordered to research online transcription services, they’re probably relying on you to find a reasonably priced transcriber, so lets just assume cost is still important.

When comparing costs, make sure you take into account the services that are being offered. Importantly, if a company’s rates seem too cheap, you are likely going to get what you pay for. At the moment, under 50 cents is a bright red flag emblazoned with the words “stay away,” probably written by the last person who wasted their time and ended up with inaccurate transcripts they ended up having to fix on their own.

If you want accurate transcription (And who wants inaccurate legal transcripts? That seems rather… problematic.)  iScribed provides highly accurate, quality audio transcription services at a very low price – just 0.79 cents a minute – which is a savings of over 20% and up compared to most other providers. Now, if you’re ordering more than 60 minutes of audio transcription, or even if not, this can quickly add up to a pretty hefty savings. In other words, more money stays in your company’s wallet instead of going to a more expensive company’s overhead costs as they transcribe the exact same recordings!).


48 hour (2 day) turnaround and rush, timestamp, and verbatim services are available from iScribed.Turnaround time is another important factor. For those in the legal services sector, turnaround can be a major part of which company you go with. When getting a time quote, you’ll want to make sure you take into account all of the devices used to make the recording as multiple devices can cost more and take more time to complete. You may need a transcriber to use specialized enhancing software, which can also add time to the project.

Another common request which can add time to the turnaround in some cases and raise the price is adding time stamps to the transcription. That allows the reader to find the original audio segment that correlates to the text.

Sometimes turnaround times can be longer if the speaker in the audio piece has a strong accent or other feature that requires the listener have to pay closer attention. If you’re having a foreign language transcribed and translated, you should expect to wait a bit longer as well.

iScribed offers 48-hour turnaround times and rush delivery in its pricing packages, which start under $48 for a basic package or under $60 for a professional package with timestamps/verbatim transcription. For most applications in the legal field, verbatim (or ad verbum if you prefer the Latin)  is really what you want. I can guarantee that most plaintiffs and defendants involved in court cases would prefer that the words they say are transcribed ver·ba·tim as well.

When deadlines approach, as they often tend to do when you’re working in a busy law office, quick turnaround is of utmost importance, and iScribed “gets it.”

Top Transcription Services

The combination of low cost and fast turnaround is what all top transcription companies have in common. Generally, speed can be attained with experience, though experience comes with a hefty price. Finding the needle in the haystack is everyone’s goal, so if you find a legal transcription service that can change audio to text and has a reasonable price and is fast, grab onto them and never let them go. Or just go to their homepage and ask for a free demo.

How To Transcribe an Hour of Audio to Text For Under $48


If you’re on a tight budget and need “rock bottom” prices on quality transcription, there are a few important things you can do to keep costs down. By knowing where to look (hint), it’s entirely possible to have an entire 1-hour long audio file transcribed to text format for under $48 USD.

If you’re used to the higher prices charged by audio to text services and this all sounds too good to be true, you’ve got to read the rest of this article —  cheap transcription is a very real thing. And if you’re running a business that regularly requires transcribing of audio recordings into text, you need to start taking advantage of it.

Getting quality audio-to-text transcription online can be painless if you follow these three tips:

1. Check out Online Transcribers for the Best Deals.

It’s fairly safe to say you’ll only find these types of deals online. It makes sense that some transcriptionists specifically offer discounted audio to text services online to bolster their customer bases.

What’s important is that you don’t have to stay locked into the price range of your former audio transcription company. You’re free to research to find a newer, lower-priced service that provides the same level of accuracy and quality (or possibly even better).

Wouldn't that be great?

Wouldn’t that be great?

2. Look for a Service that Offers Free Demos to New Customers.

If you’ve had it with the high prices of your old transcribing company… you might want to consider looking for a new service provider. A company that wants your business and cares more about your satisfaction than some of the pricier companies will generally offer cheaper transcription services.

Why would a company do this? Well, it actually makes a lot of sense. By offering steep discounts or even completely free demos to their first clients, companies that offer cheap transcription naturally gain potential referrals while frugal clients get their projects translated into text accurately for less.

If such discounted services aren’t explicitly offered on the provider’s website, you may want to move on to a new transcribing service. Reputable companies will typically advertise their pricing up front where it can be seen.

Of course, you can find some of the best cheap transcription services currently on offer right here on (with free demos available for new customers). iScribed is so confident in their services that they are willing to offer all new customers a free demo transcription at no cost.

Saving money with audio to text services

You can save a lot of money with the right service provider.

Be bold, don’t be afraid to ask for a demo, and remember that accuracy and quality are the most important things when it comes to executive transcription.

3. Can You Afford to Be Patient? If Not, Don’t Fret!

Another way you can save with some companies is by getting a discount for, well… being patient. If you’re not in a hurry to get your project back, you may be able to get a better rate from your transcriptionist. Just be sure you do have some due date written down and agreed on, even if it’s months in the future.

Many online transcription services have multiple rate tiers, with the more expensive rates being for clients that need the shortest turn around time. This is one case when your patience, and/or planning ahead, can literally pay off.

Of course, many times when someone is needing audio transcription, they require a quick turnaround. Fortunately, with iScribed, you can still take advantage of cheap transcription pricing even if you are needing rush delivery.

Getting a great deal on your transcription needs is easier than you may think. With a little creativity and the proper amount of leg room you can get all of your transcription needs met for a price that won’t break the bank. Check out our competitive pricing on audio transcription and free demos, and see how low of a rate your company or organization can get on high-quality transcription from iScribed!

Transcribe Audio to Text without Even Thinking about It

Whether you’re a business owner looking to quickly and affordably transcribe important meeting notes to text format, or a medical/law student looking to create quality notes from a classroom lecture, audio to text services are in demand.

If planning how you’ll actually transcribe your audio files and recordings isn’t exactly on the top of your to-do list, rest assured that there are ways you can transcribe audio to text without even thinking about it.

The Simple Way: Hire Someone Else to do it for You

How to Transcribe Audio to Text the easy way

Hiring a reputable online transcription company to do the work for you is obviously the easiest way out of this situation. There are plenty of companies out there offering transcription services today. And, just like any service, they’re not all equal.

Audio to text transcribing services don’t have to break your bank, or even scratch it. There are transcriptionists for hire that will gladly transcribe audio to text for very affordable rates (hint hint). You can find transcription services in the yellow pages or more likely (and easily) today, online. All you need for online audio transcription is to have the audio in a digital format. Unless you’re still using mini-cassettes, you most likely already have your voice recordings in a digital format.

If you’re hiring an audio to text service to do the work for you, you should make sure as best you can that your audio files are clear, easy to understand, and void of background noises or interruptions. That way you’ll get the best audio to text transcription and a low price.

Audio to Text Software (or “Okay, so you don’t want to do it the easy way”)

Highly typical example of machine audio to text transcript from YouTube

If anything above “free” is a bit out of your price range, you can also use software to do the transcription for you (though the best premium software applications that transcribe audio to text cost loads of money, and they’re not a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. (read: anywhere) near as accurate as a human transcription service.

You probably know that there are plenty of programs to transcribe audio to text, and some are even free. Before choosing one, you’ll want to see just how accurate it can transcribe audio recordings into text — especially if you have less-than-100%-perfect audio quality. There’s not really any software to transcribe audio to text today that can pull 99% accurate transcripts from a recording in a room with even a moderate level of noise or echo (whether it was recorded in the courtroom or the classroom). In fact, even with all our advanced technology, clear vocal recordings are still a big challenge even for Google and their own automatic transcribing software, as you can see. If you’ve ever used Google Voice, you know just how inaccurate even the biggest mega-corporation in the world’s automatic software transcribing is. Humanity wins again!

The Third Option


Finally, if you have a lot of free time you can always try to do the transcribing yourself. If you don’t want to think about it too much, this route is probably the worst way, but hey, we still have to cover it. If you’re not already an experienced transcriptionist, you may have a lot of questions about transcribing audio into text – not good if you’re in a rush and need the transcription completed overnight.

You may be able to find time to transcribe while you’re riding the bus or train, waiting for water to boil (like, a lot of water to boil) or winding down before going to bed (if it takes you a couple hours to fall asleep each night).

To transcribe audio to text the hard way, just sit down with a pair of headphones, no distractions, and your computer and go to work. Transcribing your own audio requires strong typing skills, patience and of course, high quality audio.

Of course, there are services with highly experienced transcriptionists offering to accurately transcribe audio to text quickly and inexpensively. Therefore, if you want to do it the simplest way, without wasting any more time worrying about it, just hire iScribed and save yourself a lot of time and streamline your workflow.

Whatever transcribing method you choose, it’s possible to transcribe audio to text without ever thinking about it. Our advice? Keep it simple, smart guy. Hire iScribed today to handle your ongoing audio to text transcription needs and you’ll never have to stress out about it ever again.