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The 3 Best Things About Online Transcription

For those seeking quality transcription services, it’s no secret that the Internet is the place to be. There are numerous places to get audio files transcribed, but none of them top the world wide web.

There’s literally nothing you can’t buy online and now that includes high-quality, professional audio transcription at a fraction of the cost you’re used to paying. Read on to learn 3 of the best things about online transcription.

Online transcription services are affordable.

With a seemingly endless pool of professional customers in every industry needing transcription for audio recordings (in other words — high demand), certain reputable, high-quality online transcription providers are able to offer their products for much less than you might expect. There’s also a healthy amount of competition in the market which further drives down costs. Of course, if you’re looking for the best quality cheap transcription (read: affordable audio to text services), you’re already in the right place.

Don’t choose an online provider on price alone. If they don’t offer their pricing in plain sight on the website, that may be a red flag. Also, if details about the human translators are not provided in a forthcoming manner, or if the turnaround time is unacceptable, you may want to keep shopping around.

You can have your audio transcribed by a native English speaker.

Whether you’re looking for English transcription online or someone that can translate your message to another language, the internet has some very talented people lurking on it; most of them are on this very website.

Well, at least when it comes to the world of online transcription. iScribed sells the best, cheapest, 99% accurate audio transcription services for English, and is working on adding other languages in the very near future.

  • Always make sure your English language transcriber is fluent. That way, they can proofread their work to eliminate any unnecessary errors.
  • Never use transcription software for translation jobs, as most software packages translate word for word without taking into context the different nuances between languages — when they get it right at all. And if you’ve ever seen an automatic transcript on YouTube, you already have a pretty clear idea of just how inaccurate non-human, automatic audio to text services are.

Reputable online transcription services save time.

Choosing audio transcription online eliminates the need to physically drop off audio or wait for brick and mortar stores to open business. By hiring an online transcriptionist, you’ll not only eliminate delivery time, you’ll also have the freedom to choose a provider that works during the days and times you need. Of course, quick turnaround times are a moot point if the service provider you choose isn’t reputable. Some reputable online transcription providers like iScribed even make rush deliveries and offer quick turnaround times of 24 – 48 hours.

Choosing an online transcription service is the best way to save time, money and your sanity. Check out our great pricing, service features, and fast turnaround times and see how cheap and simple it can be to hire a professional transcriber over the Internet right here on iScribed. You may be surprised to find out that you’ve been missing out on quality, affordable services for all these years.

Legal Transcription for Court Proceedings

law book and gavelA person working in the field of law needs to handle different recorded files in both civil as well as criminal court proceedings every day. It is required of the job to analyze all information and create accurate and up-to-date transcript of each proceeding. Performing all the transcription needs is a difficult task for legal professionals.

To save time, energy and effort,  outsourcing huge volume of documentation to reliable and professional transcription firm is the most viable option. It is imperative, however, that the chosen transcription agency can offer accurate and timely service without sacrificing the confidentiality and quality of transcribed files.

Maybe you are thinking why transcription service is very challenging when it comes to court proceedings. All legal cases starts at the lower court and it will proceed to the higher court. If you are in the United States, you should know that the United States Court Systems is multi-tiered. It means that a transcriber needs to handle different legal documents that require transcription.

Transcription service providers can help legal professionals because they can simplify these tasks and give accurate and timely service. They can deliver the service in time for your needs. All legal professionals can now focus on their task without the need to worry on their transcription needs. One can hire a transcriber for public hearings, court hearings, meetings, deposition summaries, witness reports, court trials, criminal appeals, briefs, allegations and more activities related to legal aspects.

The good thing about hiring a reputable and experienced company like iScribed is that they can offer a service that is exclusive for a particular client. They use technology to offer high level of accuracy that is 98% for all court and legal transcripts. The company can offer their quality service to all financial institutions, attorneys, insurance companies, law firms and legal departments, too.

With the help from expert and dedicated proofreaders, quality analysts and editors, you can expect an error-free transcription service from iScribed. The legal world is very challenging and there are lots of factors that can make an audio recording poor, but with advance technology from iScribed they can turn any audio file crystal clear for accurate transcription error-free. You can expect quick and customized turnaround because the company  allows you to set your expected turnaround date. Furthermore, they ensure data confidentiality for all kinds of documents.

The Legal Industry Taking Advantage of Audio Transcription Services

Fountain pen on policyMaking transcripts from audio files and videos is an activity that has been in existence for years. The advancement of technology has greatly helped improve the way transcription is carried out. Hundreds of transcription companies today can particularly offer online transcription services with accuracy and timeliness.

The legal industry has a lot of paper works involved in the documentation tasks. Making an audio transcription takes a lot of time that legal firms would rather outsource the task to save time and money.

Finding the right transcription company has always been a problem. Though there are too many companies doing video and audio transcription, accuracy and fast turnaround may not be among their winning qualities.

Many legal professionals outsource documentation tasks to reputable transcription providers. This is due to the many benefits that they get from hiring agencies to perform the actual transcription for them. It does not matter if it is video or audio transcription, outsourcing can free you from such meticulous task and allows you to focus on what it is that you really do .

iScribed Transcription has been providing audio transcription services to US and non-US based clients for years. The huge team of expert and experienced transcribers further ensures that the job is performed accordingly.  These people truly understand the needs of their clients and they know the essence of accurate work. Now, you need not further.  Contact Iscribed and they will be more than willing to help you with your needs.


Qualities of a Reputable Online Transcription Service Provider

Your Are in Good Hands Chalk IllustrationCompanies whether they are big or small should always focus on their core activities if they want to grow and earn more profit. However, there are jobs within the company that add more burden to everyone like transcription. This is why majority of companies and organizations are thinking of outsourcing their transcription needs to eliminate the additional workload and for them to concentrate on other important activities within the company. This is good so that the company can go straight to their objectives. This need for transcription service offer mutual benefits to the company and transcription providers.

There are diverse fields where transcription service is badly needed. There are areas in every organization where transcription is very in demand like creating reports, interviews, forums, speeches, dictations, meetings, manuscript, interviews, articles, telephone conversations and many more. If you are dealing with these things in your company, then it means that you are also in need of online transcription service.

Experts and experienced transcribers can handle files in diverse formats such as mp3, mini, audio tapes, wav, macro and digital format. Also, transcription is needed in different fields like education, insurance, legal, medical, airlines, financial services, media, general businesses and many more.

How transcription is carried out

It is imperative for every business owner to know how transcription can be carried out. The truth is that there are too many transcription service providers online to hire, but not all of them can be trusted with your sensitive and confidential files. It is better if you will spend time and effort doing your research about diverse websites and choose experienced and reputable service provider. You need to get ready as you will be required to upload your files like recordings, dictation, doctor’s findings, legal documents and more. It is only professional and expert transcribers that can covert audio and video files into readable text. As you deal with a particular online transcription provider, then you need to wait for the end result on your email.

A good and reputable transcription service provider will require you to complete the process of sending your audio or video file online through their website. The process offered by online transcription providers and traditional transcription companies is similar. Anyone who wants online transcription service should send their file to a reputable and trustworthy online transcription service. It is common for online services to take note of the number of speakers within an audio or video file. Also, they are very particular about the clarity of the audio. Actually, there are lots of reasons why an audio or video file can end up unclear. For example, if the file was recorded in a public area like park using poor quality recording device, then it will produce poor quality audio or video.

Always remember that a reputable and reliable firm will always respond to your request using a quotation and an estimated time of delivery or turnaround time. They will assign expert and knowledgeable transcriptionist to listen to your audio and to list down words that they heard.

This is the hardest part of the job especially if the audio or video is poor in quality. After the completion of the initial draft, then the company will let their quality assurance team check and review the text. Once the text proved to be high in quality, then it will be sent to your email in Microsoft word document. They will also wait for your final approval. It is important for the transcription company to get your final approval, so they can consider the work as complete. This is what you can expect from a reliable transcription service online.

You can expect high level of security and confidentiality even if you are only dealing and sending files online. A reputable and professional firm is using encryption technology to provide secure and safe file transfer. It is a must that you read the text file carefully to ensure that there are no wrong spellings and grammar errors.

Why hire a reputable online transcription service provider

There are lots of benefits that you can get from a reputable online transcription service. It can help you extend your business through high level of communication and efficiency in your operations. They will do the work with accuracy, efficiency reliability and on time, so you will never have any second thought of hiring their service over and over again. Your secretarial staff does not have to handle the transcription, so that they will have more time to do other important administrative work for the company. There is no need to hire extra employees as typist.

You can eliminate fixed cost since you only need to pay for the work being done by your service provider. You do not have to pay for sick leave, bonuses, holiday pay and more. Transcription providers are also using new technology and software. You do not have to spend for these things because it is the responsibility of the online transcription service. If there is a need to do transcription during holidays, then there is no extra cost for you.

You can avail the service of legal transcription or medical transcription depending on your field or niche. You can now focus on your work or business rather than spend most of your time doing documentations. This kind of work is best done by expert transcribers if you want an error free and hassle free transcription. Today, businesses are operating in a very competitive environment that is why they need to continuously innovate and improve to attain success. One can only move ahead if they can utilize their time efficiently with a little help from online transcription providers to translate audio file to text format.

You will never go wrong once you open your computer and search for transcription services as there are lots of them online. The need for such service in today’s modern time is very high compared before. Many organizations and companies are in need for transcription as part of their daily routine. Actually, people do not hire transcribers because they cannot do it themselves. They outsource because a professional and trained transcriptionist can offer 99% accuracy rate and it saves them time and money.